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Le Grand Pakbeng Opens in “Mekong Oasis”

Legrand Pakbeng Resort December 21,2018 4 Comments
The 5-star Le Grand Pakbeng Resort officially opened last week at “Destination Pakbeng”, the standard overnight stop on the...
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How great our guests enjoy their stay with us

Le Grand Pakbeng June 04,2018 4 Comments
Dear guests, You may open the following link and how much our guests enjoy staying with us ...
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Awesome view

Le Grand Pakbeng February 28,2018 4 Comments
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Big Biking

Legrand Pakbeng Resort February 28,2018 4 Comments
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Luxury and Amazing

Alisa December 20,2017 4 Comments
Take in the sunset from the edge of the pool, watching as river life unfolds before your eyes. Indulge in pampering spa treatments set in the...
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