Traditional Dance

Traditional Dance

Lao Traditional dance performance show is combined the three major ethnic minorities Lao Loum, Lao Thueng and Lao Sung. Pakbeng is well-known for Lao Thueng (Kamu) ethnic which they perform and present their unique culture preserved

Lao traditional dance is truly amazing with the mixture represent all ethnic minority groups of entire Laos. The three main traditional dances in Laos are Lam Vong, Phra Lak Phra Ram, and Bamboo Dance. Each of them has interesting features and creates the uniqueness of Laotian dance together with Lao music. We often see Laotian people perform the dance in the festival or special ceremony, which reflects their special mark in everyday life. During your visit Laos at Le Grand Pakbeng, if you fall in love with Laos Traditional Dances which combine with Laotian traditional music.


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After a long journey day and overnight rest, your intercontinental or your full breakfast is served with hot and cool dishes. Continental breakfasts usually have cold selections, but you can have a few hot options in steamer pans. Common options at our resort breakfast includes scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and biscuits and gravy. If you don't want to mess with keeping food hot, prepare and peel ‌hard-boiled eggs‌ as a protein option

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Cooking Class

Our Cooking Class aimed at introducing you to the flavours and etiquette, right though to truly authentic dishes exploring some of the more unusual ingredients, textures and flavours. We will showcase the most popular dishes originally unique Lao cuisine with fresh ingredient 

Baci Ceremony

Lao Traditional Baci ceremony is organized to welcome and farewell to your expedition. Baci is a phi ritual used to celebrate important events and occasions, like births and marriages and also entering the monkhood, departing, returning, beginning a new year, and welcoming or bidding etc. The ritual of the Baci involves tying strings around a person's wrist to preserve good luck, and has become a national custom.