What a great view - feel like a king


I loved my stay at Le Grand Hotel Pakbeng. 
I didn't put down the shades of my glass room front all night so that I'd be able to enjoy the sunrise across the Megkong from my very comfortable bed. The view from the infinity pool is spectacular and worth the visit on its own. It must get cold up here sometimes because the pool was heated. I really enjoyed my swim at the top of the world.
Dinner options (big portions) start at $5 but I recommend taking the set course meal for $15. The beef jerkey was mouth watering and all the other Laos specialties were delicious as well. We felt like kings and queens eating our lovely dinner above the dark valley.
Breakfast was included and consists of a plate with baguette, ham, bacon, sausage and egg but you can order whatever combination of those items you like and however much you want. Also, they brought us tea, cappuccinos and orange juice, and a small fruit plate. While enjoying the food, we could also observe elephants bathing on the other side of the river below us which was nice.
I can fully recommend this place.

seranity - United Kingdom