Superb place with flaws (too many)


Probably one of the most beautiful places we have visited on this planet..
Often heavy mist in the morning, sun and more sun, hot from morning until evening.

The villas on top are really excellent, built beautiful and the decor is tastefully.

They had every chance to make this a 6 star...

Believe they must have some problems since staff, generally, are so unskilled...
They do, too, often not understand even the most simple hotel phrases..
We were served wrong food in the wrong order etc etc

Hot water in the fantastic shower overlooking the Mekong is not existing. Heard the same from others.
Breakfast could be improved significantly for this category of hotel.

Positive was that a few at the hotel, being able to speak English took responsibility.

So all in all a great stay, but they should easily be able to step this up several notches 😉


AB-Denmark - Denmark